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Technical Commentaries on the basis of mathematics, geometry and time cycles. Let Wiskein take you to a deeper understanding of market patterns. Go beyond ordinary charts, gain deeper knowledge, increase your chances of winning trades. Don’t let fake noises distract you. Wiskein is offering Technical Commentaries on stocks, Commodities, indices and currencies.

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Value of Technical Commentaries

Profitable speculation and investment in stocks, commodities, indices or currencies is principally dependent on how comprehensive a grasp the decision maker has of technical factors at work within the market. All the luck in the world cannot substitute astute technical knowledge imperative for profitable decision making. When investing or trading without such knowledge trader or investor in greater or lesser degree is only a gambler naively. When it comes to timing your trade or working out price resistance or support, technical factors will supersede fundamental factors such as earnings, debts, future profitability etc. Human perception is blunted when too many trees block a view of the forest. We aim at bringing ease in decision making by means of technical knowledge. We understand how suicidal market shouts, rumor and news can be, with our commentaries you will never lose sight or miss an opportunity.

Correcting the misconception

Does Big Players Really Manipulate  Prices

To correct a common misconception, no rigger or pool will meet success by bucking the general trend. Market move in waves of times against the wishes of the majority or in spite of every human effort to serve the trend. The explanation of this condition lies in those natural laws which are related and are part of the cyclical movement of mass psychology. It is in examination of these natural cycles that both individual speculator and the managers of large funds can locate the key to the many inexplicable market trends. History repeat in cycles which is why prices rise and fall, markets makes high at certain dates and then shifts trend to move lower till a mathematical point is reached or sufficient time has expired. Time is however the most important factor that bring about a change.  Nothing stands still – everything is being born, growing, dying – the very instant a thing reaches its height, it begins to decline – the law of rhythm is in constant operation.

Market geometry

Pythagorean Proposition

A Pythagorean proposition is that all things consist of the three-the trinity of proportions or the arithmetical, geometrical and harmonical. In market terms this is a clue to the relationship which exists between the angles of lift in charted prices and the extent or time of market activity is days, weeks, months etc. Pythagoras taught about numerical relation in all the phenomena; the harmonic intervals of numbers with sound; the relationship that the square of hypotenuse in a right handed triangle is equal to the sum of the square on the other two sides and more importantly the angles of the sphere have specifically corresponding numbers which are sensitive to those angles in space, infinity and time. The lift of charted prices does coincide with numbers at specific points in space corresponding to price and time. In these observations is the entire basis on which we evaluate every stock commodity, indices or currency and provide you with the finest commentaries.


following the law is important

Commentaries in Compliance with the Law of Nature

Universe and whatever exits within its realm is govern by laws. Anyone who will try to go against these laws will fail, he will never succeed in any line of business.  Price rises with the increase in demand. No one can change this because law of supply and demand will remain same forever. Price swings or moves resembles that of a swing of a pendulum from inertia, through energy and back again to inertia. It is but a series of opposing pulsation and reaction, integration and disintegration, gravitation and radiation, appearance and disappearance , Low price and High Price.  The average man or women nearly always wants to buy low and sell high. The farmer wants to sell at high prices what he produces but he wants low price for what he buys to eat or wear. The laboring man wants high wages all the time but wants low prices for what he buys to eat or wear. This is a violation of a fundamental economic law and it just will not work. To make success in speculation you do exactly the opposite of what the average man or women wants to do or tries to do and make a failure as a result of what they are trying to do. You will make profits when you learn to BUY HIGH AND SELL LOW. You must learn to follow the trend of prices and realize that they are never too high to buy as long as trend is up and never too low to sell as long as trend is down. Our commentaries comply strictly with the laws governing markets.

Resistance & Support

Entry & Exit Levels

Our Commentaries include price resistance and support, important time cycles in days, weeks and months, safe buying and selling levels with a stop loss point for managing risk.


Know the direction

Time cycles

Our commentators analyze each stock or commodity on scientific basis. We apply time cycles, mathematics and geometry to forecast market moves and important reversal points for time and price.


Say no to Gambling

We drive our greatest satisfaction by promoting technical knowledge. Technical commentaries are prepared to educate and aid decision makers  for better decision making.

sTOCKS, Commodities, Indices & Currencies

Technical Commentaries 


Disclaimer: Stock and commodity trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Technical Commentaries reflects our good faith judgement at a specific time and is subject to change without notice. There is no guarantee that any comment, suggestion or advise will result in profitable trades, all trading decisions will be made by the trader or investor himself. Wiskein will in no way be responsible for any loss or bear any responsibility for any loss incurring to any person or company which is taking investment or trading decision on the basis of any material provided by Wiskein. The content on this website and the interpretation of data are solely the personal views of ours. Please make your own appraisal before deciding to trade in the market. Users are advised to use the data for the purpose of information only and rely on their own judgment while making investment decisions. Wiskein does not warranty the timelines, accuracy, profitability or losses. We rely on data from third party and we will not be responsible for any errors in the data, analysis or information presented on our site. Our Role is limited to preparing market commentaries and providing educational courses related to stock and commodity market. Please make sure you agree to these terms before you read our commentaries or enroll yourself in our educational program.

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