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WD Gann was born on June 6, 1878. As a finance trader, he started his trading career in 1902 when he was 24. He devised numerous trading techniques to forecast market trends. His famous soyabean trade shows his ability to use planets (Jupiter & Mars) to forecast top in Soyabean. One of our advance Course explains his secret techniques to forecast market moves. These are only taught to students who have successfully completed master trading course and have proved worthy of learning this unorthodox science

Circle of 360 and its harmonic divisions / Square of Nine for price and time Resistance

Square of 9 and Circle of 360

One year cycle of 365.25 runs very close to 360 degree cycle of sun around the constellation of zodiac. 360 degrees can be further divided to reach smaller harmonic divisions within the cycle  such as 90,180,270. So if a rally starts around 21st March 90 degree in time would be around 21st June which is its first resistance in time. Square of nine calculator has all even and odd square running on opposite angle. Rate of vibration can be calculated from how many degree price has moved in certain period of time measured in days, weeks or months.

W.D.Gann famous Soya Bean Chart

W.D.Gann was using planetray lines to predict future prices. Above image shows how he plotted Jupiter and Mars planetray lines on Soyabean chart to calculate exact top in Soyabean.

144 Time Cycle applied to Stock (PSO,Pakistan Stock Exchange)

Above chart shows 144 time cycle applied to a stock traded in Pakistan stock exchange. Observe on the chart that when 144 days time cycle expires at a price difference of 96 which is a 2/3rd or harmonic number to 144 PSO stock starts to decline and shifting its trend from bullish to bearish. Actual cause of rise and fall in every stock or commodity is primarily due to these repeated cycles.

Geometrical Angles & Law of Vibration

Pakistan State Oil (PSO), Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)
Every major low has a special geometrical relationship with major high and every major high has a geometrical relationship with major low. PSO is traded in Pakistan stock exchange, it made its extreme high on 17-Mar-2008 when it reached 544.90. If you see PSO monthly chart above you will observe that 544.90 high has its geometrical relationship with the low of 92.10 and also with the second major high of 493.50. When PSO started its new bull cycle from the low of 92.10 in 2009 geometrical angle 4:1 or four point per month correctly predicted the second major top of 493.50 that occurred in 2017. The secret of this geometrical relationship lies in preparing charts with correct scaling and following the law of vibration.

Mathematical Retracement & Geometrical Angles

Amreli Steel (ASTL), Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)
Every Stock  primarily follows law of vibration. It rises to mathematical point in time and space then due to law of gravity it must retrace back to its gravity center which is simply another mathematical point in space and time. This is simple yet useful  technique to calculate future resistance and support for any stock or commodity.

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