The Secret

Basis of our forecasting

Every stock or commodity moves in a cyclical pattern. Mathematics is an exact science which permits the possibility of examining these cycles by dividing them into mathematical proportions. These mathematical proportions are strong force points that are governed by the law of vibration. By applying geometry, trigonometry, calculus and simple arithmetic we can make success in trading. Market moves can be sideways, horizontal or vertical (down or up). We use width, length and height to measure when time and price will balance. We use odd and even square with the combination of circle, triangle, square and hexagram to calculate cyclical patterns of different stocks, commodities, indices and currencies. Every thing in nature is male and female, harmony and in harmony, we live in a world of cause and effect. Laws of the universe influence all material existence in a definite manner and therefore effect can be calculated many years ahead if cause is known and understood. Time and price are interchangeable, every high price correspond to some low price and similarly every low price will correspond to some high price.






Stop Loss

Diversification & Risk Management

We do advise diversification but remember wide diversification is only required when decision makers do not understand what they are doing so they want to reduce risk by diversification. We play by different rules, first we evaluate on the basis of time cycles when a possible rally can occur or when price is at its support or resistance this information is presented to our members in the form of technical commentaries. To reduce risk we advise where to place stop loss which will protect capital by restricting loss. With knowledge based technical commentaries we transform our clients from lamb to a thinker who will not be slaughtered under the margin caller’s axe. Buying stocks in a regular market for delivery is safer with steady return. Future markets yield way higher returns but are associated with high risk. Remember small losses can always be overcome by one winning trade so don’t average out your losing trades.



Follow the Law

Speculation a Profitable Profession

There are laws which influence all that exists in universe. Wise man since very ancient times followed these laws. Anyone who will try to go against these laws will fail and he will never succeed in any line of business. All businesses are influenced by certain immutable laws. Price will rise when demand will increase no one can change this because law of supply and demand will remain same forever. Speculation or investment is the best business in the world if you can make a business of it. But in order to make success of it you must study and be prepared and not guess. Never run after inside information or depend on hope or fear. If you do you will fail, your success depends on knowing the right kind of rules and following them. Market does not beat you; it is your own human weakness that causes you to defeat yourself. The average man or women nearly always wants to buy low and sell high. The farmer wants to sell at high prices what he produces but he wants low price for what he buys to eat or wear. The laboring man wants high wages all the time but wants low prices for what he buys to eat or wear. This is a violation of a fundamental economic law and it just will not work. To make success in speculation you do exactly the opposite of what the average man or women wants to do or tries to do and make a failure and loses as a result of what they are trying to do. You will make profits when you learn to BUY HIGH AND SELL LOW. You must learn to follow the trend of prices and realize that they are never too high to buy as long as trend is up and never too low to sell as long as trend is down.

Disclaimer: Stock and commodity trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Trading advice reflects our good faith judgement at a specific time and is subject to change without notice. There is no guarantee that advice will result in profitable trades, all trading decisions will be made by the trader or investor himself. ACCROS will provide you with the very best technical analysis but it will in no way be responsible for any loss or bear any responsibility on any loss incurring to any person or company which is taking investment or trading decision on the basis of any material presented on this website. Please make your own appraisal before deciding to trade in the market. ACCROS will not handle or manage trading account for any individual or company please contact your broker for such assistance.
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